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Thumbs up +16 Romeo ve Juliet ~ The Secret Sex Lives of Romeo and Juliet (1969)

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Yapımcı: Harry H. Novak , Peter Perry Jr.
Yönetmen: Peter Perry Jr.
Senaryo Yazarı: Jim Macher , William Shakespeare (uncredited)


Forman Shane ... Romeo
Deirdre Nelson ... Juliet (as Dicora Carse)
James Brand ... Ye Storyteller
Sydney Carlysle ... Derek
Mia Coco ... Maid **3 (as Tiffany Lane)
Dorthea Cristie ... Maid **6
Pat Davis ... Maid **2
Jay Edwards ... Balthasar
Mickey Jines ... Lady Capulet
Don Jones ... Gregory
Kelly ... Ye Stagehand
Stuart Lancaster ... Capulet
Antoinette Maynard ... Maid **5
Elenor Rigby ... Maid **4
William Rotsler (as Shannon Carrse)
Marvin Sweetbody ... Paris
Wendell Swink ... Friar
Karen Thomas ... Maid **1
Steve Vincent ... Montague (as Adam Lawrence)
Vincene Wallace ... Nurse


Yes, it’s Shakespeare with skin in this outrageously bawdy, sexed-up version of the world’s most famous love story, THE SECRET SEX LIVES OF ROMEO AND JULIET! Join us in merry old London where, with apologies to The Bard, a crackpot cast (of mostly busty redheads) give a performance ''to match the spirit of the lusty and ribald times portrayed.'' The result is an immortal tale of two lovers who end up loving just about everyone amidst a non-stop barrage of dumb jokes, nudity, rambunctious sex scenes, a lyrical lesbian interlude, whipping, whipped cream, Derrick the Horny Hunchback, and literature’s most famous single line of dialogue, ''Sock it to me!'' No, it’s not the Shakespeare learned in school, but it’s exactly what you’d expect from producer Harry Novak (Please Don’t Eat My Mother!) and the director of The Daughter of Fanny Hill. As one of the cast members so succinctly puts it, ''Willy never wrote THIS!''

IMDB Linki:

Secret sexlife of Romeo and Juliet (1969) - IMDb

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Süre: 01:32:06
Çözünürlük: 512 x 288

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Turbobit - The Secret Sex Lives of Romeo and Juliet (1969).rar
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