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Standart MomsBangTeens - Dillion Harper

MomsBangTeens - Dillion Harper

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Dillion Harper - Laws Of Attraction
Added: November 04, 2014
Dillion had been spending too much time messing around with her boyfriend and not practicing her piano lessons. Kendra confronted her, and she lied and said nothing was bothering her, and she didn't know what Kendra was talking about. This was the last straw, Kendra was fed up with Dillion's lack of respect and dedication so she spanked her until she fessed up. Happy with the confession, but still feeling Dillion needed something more to make the punishment stick, Kendra brought Dillion's boyfriend, Lance, inside and proceeded to get him to take his cock out. From there, she made Dillion suck it as she watched. And then after she sucked it herself, they shared his cock together. Kendra learned what kept Dillion so preoccupied as she fucked Lance with great vigor. The three of them went round and round sucking and fucking until Kendra felt the experience made enough of an impression, and they shared Lances cum as they kissed.

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