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Standart MomsBangTeens - Sarai

MomsBangTeens - Sarai

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Sarai - The Blow Show
Added: October 20, 2014
Sarai invited her boyfriend over when her step mom, Bianka, specified that she was not to have any guest over while she was out of the country. Sarai's inner voice was telling her not to let her boyfriend in, but her wet pussy was saying otherwise. Soon after opening the door for her man, she was all over him. Sarai's stepmom arrived early from her trip and found them fucking on the couch. Bianka watched them for a few minutes and then started to rub her wet pussy. After having an orgasm, she interrupted her step daughter, scolded her and mentioned how she was fortunate that her dad was on a business trip. Then she demanded to see her boyfriend's dick. Sarai was shocked but complied when her stepmom reminded her whose house she was in. Sarai handed the cock over and watched her stepmom masterfully giver her boyfriend a blow job. Eventually, Sarai jumped in the action and together they double-teamed her boyfriend's hard cock.

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